About NTEC

parent company:
Nanotechnology Enterprises, Inc.
1601 S Providence Rd
Columbia MO 65211-3460
[email protected]

The mission of NTEC is to serve members’ interests through commercial and military application of nanotechnology by providing access to creative ideas from knowledgeable individuals, pre-existing intellectual property (IP), project research laboratories and facilities, and other technical assistance.

It is the vision of NTEC to be the source for inspiration, education, innovation, and dual-use application of nanotechnology materials and processes that form the essence of new companies, and provide value to existing commercial enterprises and governing entities.

In 2008, the University of Missouri, Senator Christopher “Kit” Bond of Missouri, and the U.S. Army initiated the process to form a nanotechnology consortium in Missouri, dedicated to the growth of the nanotechnology industry. In January 2009, Nanotechnology Enterprises, Inc. (NEI), a nonprofit corporation was created and it is parent to the NanoTechnology Enterprise Consortium (NTEC).

NTEC exists for traditional and non-traditional defense contractors, whether individuals, or industry, commercial, academic, or government organizations, for the purpose of collaboration to accelerate the commercialization of nanotechnologies and development of products that will assist the U.S. military in strengthening its objectives, as well as create improved products for the civilian market.

NTEC membership is open to any technology provider, developer, producer, or user who is committed to actively participate and assign resources fulfilling NTEC’s purposes. While NTEC welcomes national members, its focus is to further the nanotechnology industry in Missouri, including the generation of high-tech jobs, as well as the creation of new research opportunities.

NEI operates under an Executive Director who also serves as Executive Agent (EA) to the Consortium. This EA reports to a Board of Directors, and oversees the management of NEI and NTEC. The current Directors of the Board represent the areas of research, industry, and government.

Board of Directors
Chair: Dan Devers
Treasurer: Joe Driskill
Wayne McDaniel
Ron Wood
Dalton Wright

Consortium Executive Committee (CEC)
Chair: Doyle Edwards, Brewer Science
Shubhra Gangopadhyay